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О бюро

      Years of experience and specialization in the field of registration and protection of intellectual property not only allows us to be confident in their abilities, but also do not make false conclusions in different situations relating to the issues in this area, as well as in the event of unexpected difficulties quickly create a strategy for further action to ensure a positive outcome.

      One of the main advantages of the Technopark is to provide complex of services «fixed price». This means that all the works will be done without any additional payments.

      Experts of Technopark are ready to answer all your questions by phone, email or any other way convenient for you. If you require more detailed consultation, our managers are ready to meet you at a convenient time and to carry out such consultation is absolutely free (this offer is valid in the cities of Russia, where there is a representative of our company).

      Rospatent is located in Moscow, and the head office of Technopark is located in Moscow too, and it ensures prompt communication with the public authority.

      We have a partnerships with companies specialized in the registration and protection of intellectual property in the CIS countries, China, Japan and other countries, and it ensures effective work with the patent offices of those countries.

      Scientific approach and experience in patenting inventions and utility models are ensures the maximum protection of this kind of intellectual property.


29 мая 2020

29 мая 2020
29 мая 2020
29 мая 2020

29 мая 2020

29 мая 2020